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The world is going through a hard time in its relationship with the environment. Eco-friendly, green and sustainable aren’t only adjectives, and they belong to hot topics everyone is dealing with now, more than ever. Guess why? Because there’s no more time left. The past is already gone, all we have is the present which is a gift we all must handle with care for a better future.

Fashion industry represents the world’s second-biggest source of pollution (the first one is the oil field), also due to fast fashion. We are all witnessing to a global interest in fashion + sustainability, as a bigger number of fashion companies are becoming more responsible and aware regarding this issue. Among the big names, the Rebel Femme team just focused the attention on one, for its beautiful effort: Guess.

GUESS?, Inc. is the famous American brand which was founded by the Marciano brothers in 1981, born as a denim label and later established as a lifestyle brand, addressed to sexy, young, adventurous women and men.

The company committed to the sustainability issue a few years ago, creating partnerships, specific strategies and programs and operating through innovation. With one mission: a real, better future. (If you are curious about the program you can read it here:

In 2016, Guess launched Eco Denim, an eco-friendly denim collection, made with respect for the environment and careful love for the globe.

On March 22, 2019, specifically on the World Water Day, the American brand launched the Guess Eco Collection in-store and online in the United States, Canada and on a global scale. Guess already started its promotion of the Spring Collection on social media and inside the stores, and in selected stores, there’s a time-limited offer of a reusable tote bag with particular Guess Eco purchases. You can shop your favourite items on http://geni.us/GUESSEco. And be ready for a bigger and ongoing Guess Eco Fall 2019 collection too!

The Guess Eco Collection talks to a global public, using a conscious and contemporary vocabulary: “We are making a change. How are you making yours?”, and hashtags like #Guessforprogress and #Guesseco are definitely not meant for a temporary fashion trend.

Designed for women and men, the capsule collection features 12 pieces. For her, a range of water-saving denim jeans and classic jacket, and 100% organic cotton logo and graphic t-shirts. For him, a selection of water-saving denim jeans and 100% organic cotton logo and button-down shirts too.

Denim is 100% Made in Italy, manufactured by Candiani green company. The eco-friendly manufacturing denim fabric process is made possible by reusable stones for distressing, pre-reduced indigo dye thanks to better and fewer use of chemicals, and 30% recycled material used for pocket linings, with the reduction of plastic bottles, waste and energy on environmental impact. The result is an item that uses 30% less water and energy per garment.

Let’s all reunite in the name of climate, Mother Earth and the World because there’s no Planet B.

We are all Rebel femmes, we all love the environment, and being rebels means supporting the good cause, in style and awareness!

Remember, the magic word is always one.


Photo credits by: Guess

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