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Milan Fashion Week: day three, with a full agenda and incredible runways.

But when it comes to different and engaging concepts, sparkling glitters and a dose of glamour, the Rebel Femme team needs to stop for a while and breathe in all the inspirational vibes from Marco de Vincenzo A/W 19 fashion show.

Yes, we are talking about one of the most interesting designers of fashion’s new generation in Milan and on the global scene.

The brand founded in 2009 by the Sicilian fashion designer is a successful growing reality, known for its experimentation, research, innovative sense of luxury, contemporary sensuality.

“My favourite things” is the name of his Fall-Winter 2019/20 collection and it represents the authentic creative side of Marco de Vincenzo, who opened his dream box and showed us all the things he loves. Indeed, the designer stated that “this is a collection which is 100 per cent mine […] it’s a part of me. I like heels, lurex, optical motifs, inclination for macramé, glitter, ladylike concept to slightly twist in order to create a lady who is tripping a little bit.”

Marco de Vincenzo’s fetish object is a porcelain fawn, and this delicate creature becomes the leitmotif of his collection. Big sparkling statement earrings, bags, brooches, and phone cases were all fawn-shaped.

We loved the vibrancy of the optical graphic elements on fitted and semi-fitted dresses, suits, and coats, 30’s deco references mixed with noir accents.

Contemporary jacquard prints playing with light and shadow effects, lurex, intarsia wools, knit, tartan, faux pleated leather, and raindrop decoration used as a new aesthetic code for makeup, sheer shirts and eyes bondage.

Models were fiercely walking wearing wool socks/sandals over a revisited “I’m singing in the rain” by Sinatra, showing off dynamic layers, shiny fringes, big fake furs and longs stoles.

Fabrics beautifully blended with a colour play of black, white, grey, dark red, deep green, violet and electric blue to enhance the modern, ladylike looks.

Ultra sexy, feminine vibes and luxury appeal were our “favourite things”.

What’s yours?

Photos provided by: NOWFASHION

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